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I was real skeptical about that and I always kept my guard up because I always thought he was lying about being single. So months went by and we still texted and talked regularly until one day a family member told me his ex was preganant and he had called asking the family to come to the baby shower. Well I had heard rumors months before me and him started talking that he had a baby on the way but I never asked because I thought he would have told me something about it.

So I got in my feelings and sent him a text late that night about the baby that was due the next month and I questioned if he was really in a relationship with his ex still. He did answer back fast saying he is single and Yes he do have a baby on the way but they are not together.

The next morning he asked did I hate him and he was sorry. So after that situation he did begin to open up but he also started taking me on an emotional roller coaster. He always questioned why I always text him and he would like me to call him more, but when I did call I felt like I was bothering him. On the phone he would be so quiet and I was hard to make conversation with him. We we were around each other I could feel sparks and he acted shy.

I know I should just give it time and be patient. When I told him he got quiet but he told me he really love me back and he wanted to tell me that weeks ago. I was so surprised and shocked but as I tried to get more feelings from him and ask questions he just gave me short answers. He always tell me he miss me and he want to see me. He even drive 45 mins in the middle of the night a couple times to come stay with me! He is all I think about and all I want.

I just need help and advice about my feelings. I know I can be bossy and jealous at times! I want to know if someone have advice on what I should do?? He keep telling me to hold on but the 1st of May will be a year for us talking and going back in forth. How long am I supposed to go back and forth and hold on? Should I give him a ultimatum or would that scare him away??? I need advice!!

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If anything do it in silence with your actions which will cause him to want to figure out why the detachable attitude. It took my husband and I like a year to even act on the fact we Really Like each other a lot!

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Try not to be in your emotionals. Hope this helped. We kinda knew each other through family yeeeears ago. Anyways Ive head my eyes and heart set out on him for quite some time. When we finally got together everything started off great. Once sex got involved then the communication started to dissipate.

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We got in a fee minor arguments, either I apologized or he did. He has also blown me. I really wanna make it work,and I know for sure at one time he was really into me. I could feel it and read his subliminal messages he was sending. Thats when he will disappear for however long or gloss over everything.

I should of played up the friends first thing more. My dad is a Scorpio. And me and my bro are both Aquarius. Poor guy. Mom bailed so he raised us. But that brought us together. We had daddy daughter dates.

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Connect with things he has interests with. And be open and honest with him. He loves you and will do anything for you. Trust me it hurts him when he directs his temper towards you. But that bond we made even before my mom left was formed cuz we loved keeping to ourselves doing our own things. I would pain in the garage as a toddler while he worked on whatever project that day. Just time together.

And as I got older he had to play mom too. And he did great until his 2nd marriage. Ended we were strangers for month who lived in the same house. I was miserable. He would even t3ct my step sister who was 3 weeks older then me, who hated his rules. Ugh it killed. My best friend was gone after I lost my mom i lost my dad too. And eventually he saw the bullshit one day woke up kicked her out and picked me up from my friends house.

Which was weird cuz he would never offer me rides anywhere. I had to walk if I wsnt3d to go somewhere. All through the time she came into th3 pictur3. But he apologized saying he hated being a stranger to. So even if th3y seem far away and don t care. They are thinking so much about you and worry about you.


Especially about boys. My dad was too scary for. Cuz I chose abusive shit heads after high school. But that kill3d my dad. He ended up crying and hiding me from my ex and held me for a long time saying he wanted a daughter when he found out my mom was pregnant and it was killing him seeing me accept the type of relationship I was in.

My dad actually would joke well kinda..

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If a boy in high school ever hit raped or emotionally traumatized me he would be th3 shit out of the dudes dad so the dad would get so pissed off at his son and kick his sons ass.. My dad is the reason why I prolly cry so much. He cri3d at everything he was proud of me for.

Singing in talent shoes.

Performing and volunteering. Heart to heart we would have. Prom and graduation was horrible. And I regret that so much. But my dad had let the wife back in the house and ended up forcing me to. Which sometimes leaves to. But I know how much my dad loves and sacrifices for me. Wife number 3 hates it. All women were threaten by my dad and I bond. My brother and him are best fri3nds tho.

When I left it r3wlly gave my bro time to get to know and get close to our dad.. Which was great cuz it was always daddy girl and momma boy. So I was happy they have this bond now. Not only of having my dad there through high school bit seeing my brother go through sophomore and junior year. But I kinda screwed up a d my brother respect me enough or just do3snt want the drama to r3fuses to talk about m3 to. But I know my brother and I are opposites. But I could to any clique and get along just fine.